LA Times Crossword June 12 2024 Answers (Wednesday)

Thank you for visiting my page! I just finished solving the LA Times Crossword for June 12 2024 (Wednesday) and posted the answers along with a description for each clue as shown below. Please leave a comment and let me know what do you think. How long did it take you to finish today’s puzzle?

SPOILER ALERT! By continuing reading you will see today’s LA Times crossword clues along with their answers. In case you haven’t solved it yet please come back later


  • Highest point: ACME, The highest or most successful point.
  • Sunup: DAWN, The first appearance of daylight in the morning.
  • App opener: USER, The person who opens or uses an application.
  • Arrested Development actress Portia de __: ROSSI, Portia de Rossi, an actress known for her role in the TV show “Arrested Development.”
  • Vietnam’s continent: ASIA, The continent where Vietnam is located.
  • Jewish wedding dance: HORA, A traditional dance performed at Jewish weddings.
  • Conclude with: ENDON, To finish or terminate with something.
  • Like some boots: THIGHHIGH, Boots that extend up to the thighs.
  • Message on a rescue dog’s kennel perhaps: ADOPTME, A sign indicating that the dog is available for adoption.
  • Continental coins: EUROS, The currency used by many countries in the European Union.
  • Jewish New Year: ROSHHASHANAH, The Jewish holiday celebrating the beginning of the Jewish year.
  • First __ kit: AID, A set of supplies and equipment for use in giving first aid.
  • PDQ kin: ASAP, Abbreviation for “as soon as possible.”
  • Pekoe e.g.: TEA, A type of black tea.
  • Complete as a PDF contract: ESIGN, To electronically sign a document.
  • Large deer: ELKS, A type of large deer found in North America and eastern Asia.
  • Boys: LADS, Informal term for boys or young men.
  • With 39-Across considered carefully: THOUGHT, Pondered or reflected upon.
  • See 37-Across: THROUGH, In this context, combined with 37-Across to mean “thought through” or considered carefully.
  • Word before crawl or cycle: NEWS, Combined with “crawl” to form “news crawl” or “cycle” to form “news cycle.”
  • Dismayed cry: OHNO, An expression of shock or concern.
  • Cosmetician Lauder: ESTEE, Estée Lauder, founder of the cosmetics company.
  • Orthodontists org.: ADA, American Dental Association.
  • Roasting rod: SPIT, A rod used for roasting meat over a fire.
  • CT summer hrs.: EDT, Eastern Daylight Time, the time zone for Connecticut in summer.
  • How do you tell them apart?: WHICHISWHICH, A question asking for clarification between two similar items.
  • Skylit courtyards: ATRIA, Open-roofed spaces in buildings, often with skylights.
  • Focus of many a school fair: SCIENCE, Often the subject of school fairs and projects.
  • Youth organization that 18-, 23-, 37-/39-, and 48-Across could be members of?: FOURHCLUB, A youth organization focused on agriculture, science, and personal development.
  • Lowest point: NADIR, The lowest or most unsuccessful point.
  • Went by car: RODE, Traveled in a vehicle.
  • Teller’s partner in magic: PENN, Penn Jillette, part of the magic duo Penn & Teller.
  • Pulverize as peppercorns: GRIND, To crush into small particles.
  • Rubber-stamped: OKED, Approved without much thought or scrutiny.
  • x or y on graphs: AXIS, One of the reference lines on a graph.
  • Clothing labels: TAGS, Small pieces of fabric or paper with information about the garment.
  • Toward the back: AREAR, In or toward the rear.
  • Many a retirement unit: CONDO, Short for condominium, a type of housing unit.
  • Windows predecessor: MSDOS, The operating system that preceded Microsoft Windows.
  • Part of the digestive system: ESOPHAGUS, The tube that connects the throat to the stomach.
  • Calendar array: DATES, A series of days shown on a calendar.
  • Wood for many woodworking projects: ASH, A type of hardwood used in carpentry.
  • Nintendo game console: WII, A home video game console released by Nintendo.
  • Remind constantly: NAG, To annoy by continually reminding.
  • Surely!: UHHUH, An informal way of saying “yes.”
  • French evening: SOIR, The French word for evening.
  • Logicians’ “In that case …”: ERGO, A Latin word meaning “therefore.”
  • Stadium cheers: RAHS, Cheers or shouts of encouragement from a crowd.
  • Latest trend: INTHING, Something currently popular.
  • Jalopy: HEAP, An old, dilapidated car.
  • Furious: MAD, Extremely angry.
  • Actor Holbrook: HAL, Hal Holbrook, an American actor.
  • Invite for: ASKTO, To request someone to join or attend something.
  • Two-time NBA MVP Steve: NASH, Steve Nash, a former professional basketball player.
  • Pulled tight: TAUT, Stretched or pulled tight.
  • Border: EDGE, The outer limit or boundary.
  • Tennis icon Arthur: ASHE, Arthur Ashe, a renowned tennis player and humanitarian.
  • Active volcano on Sicily: ETNA, A volcano located on the island of Sicily.
  • Garden tool storage building: SHED, A small building for storing tools and equipment.
  • Sioux City state: IOWA, The U.S. state where Sioux City is located.
  • Code of conduct: ETHIC, A set of moral principles or rules of behavior.
  • Gave up in despair: LOSTHEART, To become discouraged or give up hope.
  • Pueblo people: HOPI, A Native American tribe in the southwestern United States.
  • Motor City NHL player: REDWING, A member of the Detroit Red Wings hockey team.
  • To the __ degree: NTH, To the utmost or extreme degree.
  • Former Iranian ruler: SHAH, The title of the former monarch of Iran.
  • Key next to F1: ESC, The escape key on a keyboard.
  • Jittery from too much caffeine: WIRED, Feeling anxious or hyperactive due to caffeine.
  • IDs on copyright pages: ISBNS, International Standard Book

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