LA Times Crossword June 14 2024 Answers (Friday)

Thank you for visiting my page! I just finished solving the LA Times Crossword for June 14 2024 (Friday) and posted the answers along with a description for each clue as shown below. Please leave a comment and let me know what do you think. How long did it take you to finish today’s puzzle?

SPOILER ALERT! By continuing reading you will see today’s LA Times crossword clues along with their answers. In case you haven’t solved it yet please come back later


  • Warmup in gym class maybe: LAPS, Repeated circuits around a track or field.
  • Dish with a shell: TACO, A Mexican dish with a folded or rolled tortilla filled with various mixtures.
  • Unexpressed: TACIT, Understood or implied without being stated.
  • Be a sore winner: GLOAT, To boast or revel in one’s success in a smug manner.
  • Country on the Arabian Sea: OMAN, A country located on the southeastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula.
  • Clay colour: OCHRE, A natural clay earth pigment ranging from yellow to deep orange or brown.
  • Workplace for some Geniuses: APPLESTORE, A retail store operated by Apple Inc. where customer service “Geniuses” provide assistance.
  • Second stringers: BTEAM, The backup players or substitutes in a sports team.
  • Tax Day arrival astrologically: ARIES, The zodiac sign for those born between March 21 and April 19, around the time of Tax Day in the U.S.
  • Assistant: AIDE, A person who helps or supports someone, often in a professional setting.
  • Fabric tear: RIP, A tear or split in a piece of fabric.
  • Picture formatted for the small screen?: ICON, A small graphic symbol used in digital interfaces.
  • Breakfast chain with a museum in Decatur, Georgia: WAFFLEHOUSE, A popular American breakfast restaurant chain.
  • Walked worriedly: PACED, To walk back and forth anxiously.
  • Sorry laddie: NAE, Scottish dialect for “no.”
  • Slammed with customers: MOBBED, Overwhelmed by a large crowd.
  • Make a request: ASK, To inquire or request something.
  • Grand in scale: EPIC, Of great size or extent; heroic and impressive.
  • Gymnast Lee: SUNI, Suni Lee, an American artistic gymnast.
  • Home to Big Bird and Mr. Snuffleupagus: SESAMESTREET, The children’s television show featuring these characters.
  • Three-time WNBA MVP Leslie: LISA, Lisa Leslie, a former professional basketball player.
  • Scottish gal: LASS, A girl or young woman in Scottish dialect.
  • Resistance unit: OHM, The unit of electrical resistance.
  • Cupcake Wars competitors: BAKERS, People who bake cakes, bread, and other pastries.
  • Frying liquid: OIL, A liquid used in cooking for frying.
  • Spanish small bites: TAPAS, Small savory dishes or appetizers in Spanish cuisine.
  • Restaurant with a Never-Ending Pasta Pass: OLIVEGARDEN, An American restaurant chain specializing in Italian-American cuisine.
  • Nu metal band since 1993: KORN, An American nu-metal band.
  • Sanctions: OKS, Approves or gives permission.
  • Sponge feature: PORE, A small opening on the surface of a sponge.
  • Artisan association: GUILD, An association of craftsmen or merchants.
  • African snake: MAMBA, A highly venomous snake found in Africa.
  • Tasty location associated with Guy Fieri and where to find 18-, 26-, 38-, and 53-Across?: FLAVORTOWN, A catchphrase used by Guy Fieri to describe delicious food locations.
  • Decide (to): ELECT, To choose or decide to do something.
  • East in Spanish: ESTE, The Spanish word for east.
  • Spanish lakes: LAGOS, The Spanish word for lakes.
  • Ding-dong __: DITCH, A prank where someone rings a doorbell and runs away.
  • Shoulder muscle briefly: DELT, Short for deltoid, the shoulder muscle.
  • Out of __: SYNC, Not in harmony or not synchronized.
  • JFK alternative: LGA, LaGuardia Airport, an alternative to John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York.
  • Andean grazers: ALPACAS, Domesticated animals from the Andes known for their wool.
  • Candy mixed with Coke in a chemistry experiment: POPROCKS, A type of candy that creates a fizzy reaction when mixed with soda.
  • Contact lens solution: SALINE, A solution used to clean and store contact lenses.
  • Tater bite: TOT, A small, cylindrical piece of deep-fried grated potato.
  • Spanish “I love”: AMO, The Spanish word for “I love.”
  • Large mimosa order: CARAFE, A large container used for serving drinks.
  • Racer Kitty known as the fastest woman in the world: ONEIL, Kitty O’Neil, a famous stuntwoman and racer.
  • Not gonna lie …: TOBEHONEST, A phrase used to introduce a candid statement.
  • Put on a show: ACT, To perform or play a role in a theatrical production.
  • Angelic being: CHERUB, A type of angel often depicted as a chubby, innocent-looking child.
  • Confident words at the poker table: IRAISE, A phrase used when increasing the bet in poker.
  • Filled in at the office: TEMPED, Worked temporarily in place of someone else.
  • Golfing prop: TEE, A small stand used to support a golf ball.
  • U-turn from NNE: SSW, A compass direction that is the opposite of north-northeast.
  • Objects gently: DEMURS, Politely refuses or raises objections.
  • Hoppy pub initials: IPA, Short for India Pale Ale, a type of beer.
  • Jungian inner self: ANIMA, The feminine aspect of a man’s personality in Jungian psychology.
  • Stand up to: FACE, To confront or deal with boldly.
  • Off-Broadway award: OBIE, An award for Off-Broadway theater productions.
  • Shortcut created by foot traffic: DESIREPATH, A path formed naturally by people walking.
  • Turn a certain corner in Monopoly: PASSGO, To move past the “GO” space in the game of Monopoly.
  • Like bread for stuffing: STALE, Bread that has become dry and hard.
  • -1412 ft. for the Dead Sea: ELEV, Abbreviation for elevation, indicating the Dead Sea’s depth below sea level.
  • Lost traction: SLID, Moved smoothly along a surface, losing grip.
  • The lay of the land?: TOPOLOGY, The study of the properties of geometric figures or spaces.
  • Earned with extreme effort: HARDWON, Achieved after a great deal of effort.
  • Bing portal: MSN, An online service and portal by Microsoft.
  • Thundered: BOOMED, Made a deep, resonant sound.
  • Basic stuff?: ALKALI, A substance with basic properties, opposite of acidic.
  • Destiny: KISMET, A term for fate or destiny.
  • Words of warning: ORELSE, A phrase used to warn of consequences.
  • Japanese dogs: AKITAS, A breed of large, powerful dogs from Japan.
  • Sounded like 52-Down: ARFED, Made a barking sound, like a dog.
  • Habitat for Humanity e.g. for short: NGO, Non-Governmental Organization.
  • Online address: URL, The address of a web page on the internet.
  • Loop in on the DL: BCC, Blind Carbon Copy, a way to send an email to multiple people without them knowing.
  • Emory U.’s home: ATL, Abbreviation for Atlanta, Georgia.
  • Dog doc: VET, A veterinarian.
  • Foreign policy gp.: NSC, National Security Council.

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