Clues starting with D

In this page you will find all the crossword clues that start with the letter D. There are a total of 8170 clues that start with the letter D.

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Clue Answer # Letters
Double curve 3
Direct jeers toward 5
Divided lunchbox 5
Don Juan's love 4
Domed hall 7
Disheveled do 3
Don rose-colored glasses? 11
De __ manera: otherwise, in Spanish 4
Data provider for retailers such as Barnes & Noble 8
Drop down? 4
Device with steps 14
Droops 4
Discourage 5
Düsseldorf dwelling 4
Did a garden chore 4
Dinner plate 4
Duchess of Parma who was Napoleon's second wife 11
Degs. for many profs 4
Deflects through a basketball rim 6
Drain 3
Dollar alternative 5
Date night, or a midgame show starring Beyoncé instead of the coach's nephew's garage band? 14
Driver's lic. info 3
Defense mechanism? 5
Dismays 6
Doll with many advanced degrees? 12
Dorky sort 5
Do penance (for) 5
Danish shoe brand 4
Dean's list no. 3

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