Clues starting with F

In this page you will find all the crossword clues that start with the letter F. There are a total of 10363 clues that start with the letter F.

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Clue Answer # Letters
Flipped 6
Fertile spots 5
Former weekend programming block that featured "Clarissa Explains It All" 5
Fission target 4
Fuel for some grills 3
Fatal flaw of some Greek heroes 6
First name in cosmetics 5
Formal name of a DNA collection? 10
Formal name of a twin-engine fighter jet? 9
Formal name of a free local periodical? 13
Formal name of a bun holder? 9
Formal name of a tech business? 10
First queen of Carthage 4
Fraction of a min. 4
Fuel from a bog 4
Forevvvvvver 4
Former "American Gladiators" co-host Ali 5
Forehead hider 5
Flavor enhancer, for short 3
Fruit-filled dessert 3
Forty winks 3
Five-alarm potful 5
Folklore figure 3
Falsehood 3
Freddie Mercury portrayer Malek 4
Frozen drink brand 4
Flat cap 3
Flag bearers 5
Female kin 5
Frilly underskirt 9

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