Clues starting with H

In this page you will find all the crossword clues that start with the letter H. There are a total of 7762 clues that start with the letter H.

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Clue Answer # Letters
HBO teen drama starring Zendaya 8
High-pitched cry 3
Had a meal 3
Hands raised in support, say 8
Hairstyles 5
High-speed Amtrak trains 6
Helpful inset in some video games 3
Heavy shoe 6
Hindu spring festival 4
H-Town pro 4
Hearing things 4
Hosp. areas 3
Hurdles for aspiring drs. 5
Hold back for now 5
Herbal beverage 3
Hurried, and what this puzzle's word ladder literally did in eight steps? 15
Hamilton notes 4
Home of the NCAA's Buckeyes 3
Hindu sage 4
Hard pull 4
Hullabaloo 6
Horn-heavy genre 3
Hip-hop producer Gotti 3
Hoppy brew letters 3
Have a bug 3
Hashtag on a social media post about gratitude, perhaps 7
Having four sharps 3
Happens again 6
Hardly bold 5
Handout to the hungry 4

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