Clues starting with H

In this page you will find all the crossword clues that start with the letter H. There are a total of 7770 clues that start with the letter H.

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Clue Answer # Letters
Highland garb 4
Hornet, e.g. 4
High hair style 4
Halloween goodies 6
Help with money, perhaps 6
Hotel dining room option 15
Hungers 4
Home of A. Wyeth's "Christina's World" 4
Hose holder 4
Hold 'em tell, maybe 3
Had ambitions 7
Hwy. crossings 4
Heifetz's teacher 4
Hammarskjöld of the UN 3
Home of the Imagination! pavilion 5
Home of the Oregon Ducks 6
Head covering 3
Houston-to-Dallas dir. 3
Hearts, but not minds 6
Hoff who wrote the "Henrietta" children's books 3
Highway through the Yukon 5
Hits the road 6
Hardly fresh 5
Hershey's caramel candy 4
Hydroelectric facility 3
Heat in a microwave 3
Hawk's domain 3
Have a loan from 5
Hot 5
Huffy states 5

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