Clues starting with J

In this page you will find all the crossword clues that start with the letter J. There are a total of 2406 clues that start with the letter J.

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Clue Answer # Letters
Jeweler's magnifier 5
Jumps aboard 7
June celebrant's social media posts? 11
Judy Garland co-star Bert 4
Just peachy 3
Japanese honorific 3
Jewel box? 4
Johnny Chase's nickname on "Entourage" 5
Jet off for 5
Joni Mitchell's "Both __ Now" 5
Job for many an action hero 3
Jason who was the 2000 AL MVP 6
Journalist who co-founded the NAACP 9
Journalist Farrow 5
Japanese city whose name means "capital city" 5
Jawaharlal who was the longest-serving prime minister of India 5
Jape 5
Jazz great Armstrong 5
Journey segment 3
Just a number, for some 3
Job seeker's success 5
Jason's ship, in Greek mythology 4
Jon of "Napoleon Dynamite" 5
Julia of "Leave the World Behind" 7
Japan's largest beermaker 5
Just 4
Jennifer Affleck, __ Lopez 3
Jacob's twin 4
Jack Black film with the tagline "Meet your ancestors" 7
Joey pal of Piglet 3

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