Clues starting with P

In this page you will find all the crossword clues that start with the letter P. There are a total of 14134 clues that start with the letter P.

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Clue Answer # Letters
Passed-down stories 4
Princess "in a galaxy far, far away" 4
Play-__: kids' clay 3
Photographer Adams 5
Piece of carry-on luggage, and what the answer to each starred clue literally is 9
Protected, at sea 4
Pharmaceutical giant __ Lilly 3
Plump 6
Prince in "The Little Mermaid" 4
Parkway sign 4
Pelvic bones 4
Pamplona bulls 5
Pasta __ Norma 4
Prefix with thermic 3
Prepare for a comeback tour 7
Pie crust ingredient 4
Per person 4
Pipes down? 5
Prehistoric beast with a large bony frill 11
Post production? 4
Pamplona party 6
Place where people might exchange rings 8
Pond growth 5
Possible cause of an unearned run 5
Photoreceptor cell 4
Palindromic pop trio 3
Palindromic pop quartet 4
Palindromic pop quartet 4
Pre-euro Irish coin 4
Purring snuggler 6

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