Clues starting with R

In this page you will find all the crossword clues that start with the letter R. There are a total of 7915 clues that start with the letter R.

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Clue Answer # Letters
Racers Unser Jr. and Unser Sr. 3
Recharged, in a way 8
Residue from an orange snack 10
Radio host John 4
Resource in Catan 3
Roll up 4
Roulette wheel components 5
Repaired, as car brakes 7
Room 5
Rescue org. 5
Rebecca in the Basketball Hall of Fame 4
Ready to play 4
Refuse collectors 7
Racing circuit 3
Result of appreciation 12
Radio switch letters 4
Research site 3
Rock band known for the power ballad "The Flame" 10
Roxy Music co-founder Brian 3
River blockers 4
Run out, as insurance 5
Radically changes 6
Reflex hammer's target 4
Risky maneuver on a busy highway 5
Rhys who plays Perry Mason 7
Ready-made digital graphics 7
R&B singer __ Mai 4
Rapper Snoop __ 4
Remove traces of 5
Ruckus 3

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