Clues starting with S

In this page you will find all the crossword clues that start with the letter S. There are a total of 23843 clues that start with the letter S.

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Clue Answer # Letters
Skip over 4
Studio payment 4
Sch. with the mascot Joe Bruin 4
Sign that may cause U-turns 10
Stock holder 4
Song before some face-offs 7
Shock into submission 4
Shop class tool 4
Swatch options 4
Spago restaurateur 12
Santa __ winds 3
Suffix with ranch 3
Spanish aunts 4
Singer James 4
Suffix with fruct- 3
Sullen 4
Set in a den, slangily ... or, initially, what can be found in each answer to a starred clue 7
Site of Arizona's Red Rock State Park 6
Sweat unit 4
Stepped heavily 4
Shade of color 3
Strike caller 3
Snuck out to get hitched 6
Siena sweetheart 4
Spanish groceries 7
Socks pattern 6
Salt brand with an umbrella girl 6
Sixth sense, for short 3
Singly 8
Sara of baking 3

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