Clues starting with Y

In this page you will find all the crossword clues that start with the letter Y. There are a total of 890 clues that start with the letter Y.

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Clue Answer # Letters
Yearn 4
Yank 3
Yellow __ 3
You may not need a bookmark for one ... and a hint to this puzzle's circles 10
Yipping adoptee 3
Yossarian's "Catch-22" tentmate 3
Yellowjackets, e.g. 5
Your legs may not touch the ground when you're on them 6
Young guy 3
Yoko who voiced a self-named character in 2018's "Isle of Dogs" 3
Yoga studio item 3
Yours, to Yvette 4
Yin/yang principle 3
Youngster 4
Youngest French Open champ 5
Yeshiva grad 3
Yankee quipper? 5
You might take a day trip on one 4
Year at the Sorbonne 5
Yacht propeller 4
Yearns (for) 5
Yitzhak's predecessor 5
Yield 4
Yule melodies 5
Yoda trainees 5
Yankees' foes 4
Yom Kippur verb 5
Yang partner 3
Y amenity 3
Youngest March sister 3

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