LA Times Crossword June 8 2024 Answers (Saturday)

Thank you for visiting my page! I just finished solving the LA Times Crossword for June 8 2024 (Saturday) and posted the answers along with a description for each clue as shown below. Please leave a comment and let me know what do you think. How long did it take you to finish today’s puzzle?

SPOILER ALERT! By continuing reading you will see today’s LA Times crossword clues along with their answers. In case you haven’t solved it yet please come back later


Constructed by: Emily Biegas & Sala Wanetick

  • Emmy-winning sitcom created by Susan Harris: SOAP, A satirical soap opera parody that aired from 1977 to 1981.
  • Held in suspense: BATED, To wait anxiously or with bated breath.
  • Eats: GRUB, Slang for food.
  • Mercury Prize-winning singer-songwriter Parks: ARLO, A British artist known for their evocative lyrics and soulful music.
  • She-Hulk actress Renée __ Goldsberry: ELISE, Renée Elise Goldsberry is known for her role in the Marvel series.
  • Decor do-over informally: RENO, Short for renovation.
  • Prosaic: UNORIGINAL, Lacking in originality, commonplace.
  • Parroted: APED, To mimic or imitate closely.
  • My pleasure: DONTMENTIONIT, A polite response to thanks.
  • Stresses in a way: ITERATES, To say or do something repeatedly.
  • The quicksand of reason per George Sand: VANITY, Excessive pride in oneself, considered detrimental.
  • Coolers for short: ACS, Abbreviation for air conditioners.
  • Real mensch: GEM, A person of integrity and honor.
  • Lav: LOO, British slang for bathroom.
  • Piedmont product: ASTI, Italian sparkling wine from the Piedmont region.
  • City in French Flanders: LILLE, A city in northern France.
  • Bother: IRK, To annoy or irritate.
  • Question of when: WHATSTODAYSDATE, An inquiry about the current date.
  • Peachy: AOK, Everything is fine.
  • Tell me you didn’t: OHGOD, An expression of disbelief or disappointment.
  • Singles: ONES, Denomination of currency.
  • Wrath: IRE, Intense anger.
  • Prefix with diversity: BIO, Relating to life or biological processes.
  • Compass rose dir.: SSW, Abbreviation for south-southwest.
  • Next week on … segment: TEASER, A preview of upcoming events or shows.
  • Most tidy: CLEANEST, The most clean or orderly.
  • Crunchy snack: HARDSHELLTACO, A type of taco with a crisp shell.
  • Uh no: ASIF, Expression of disbelief or skepticism.
  • March Madness stage: ELITEEIGHT, The round of eight teams in the NCAA basketball tournament.
  • Garden veggie: CUKE, Short for cucumber.
  • Gulf of Aden republic: YEMEN, A country in the Arabian Peninsula.
  • Idea shared by many: MEME, A cultural idea or trend spread via the internet.
  • Prefix on many Chinese brand names: EVER, A common prefix in Chinese brand names, implying longevity.
  • Swelling: EDEMA, Medical term for fluid retention in tissues.
  • Winged figure in Piccadilly Circus: EROS, Statue of the Greek god of love in London.
  • Riyadh resident: SAUDI, A person from Saudi Arabia.
  • … unless you think otherwise: ORNOT, A phrase used to offer an alternative.
  • Solo: ALONE, To be by oneself.
  • Hanging in a drawing room: PORTRAIT, A painting or photograph of a person.
  • Brings about: BEGETS, To cause or produce.
  • Dress shape: ALINE, A dress style that flares out from the waist.
  • Colors: TINTS, Shades or variations of colors.
  • Actor Morales: ESAI, Esai Morales, known for his roles in various films and TV shows.
  • Cole Porter biopic starring Kevin Kline: DELOVELY, A film about the life of composer Cole Porter.
  • Wood flooring feature: GRAIN, The natural pattern in wood.
  • Coldly calculating: REPTILIAN, Showing lack of emotion or warmth.
  • Ceci n’est pas __ pipe: UNE, From René Magritte’s famous painting, “The Treachery of Images.”
  • Compact figure?: BOD, Slang for body.
  • Big Apple output: IMAC, A product made by Apple Inc.
  • William and Mary: NAMES, Refers to the names of the monarchs or the college.
  • Decadent cake: TORTE, A rich, layered cake.
  • Joins the team?: YOKES, To harness or join together.
  • Hefty alternative: GLAD, Brand of trash bags.
  • Keep an eye out for: AWAIT, To wait in anticipation.
  • Haruki Murakami’s Kafka on the __: SHORE, Title of a novel by Haruki Murakami.
  • Beat it: TAKEAHIKE, An idiom meaning to go away.
  • Letterhead image maybe: LOGO, A graphic symbol representing a company.
  • Terse oath: IDO, A short declaration, often used in marriage ceremonies.
  • Composed: SOBER, Calm and controlled.
  • Chakra that signifies the unconscious mind: THIRDEYE, The sixth chakra in Hindu tradition.
  • Quiet stretch: DOWNTIME, Period of relaxation or inactivity.
  • Singer dubbed the Tejano Madonna: SELENA, Famous Mexican-American singer.
  • Prime Day event: SALE, Annual sales event by Amazon.
  • More cautious: SAFER, Less risky.
  • Ring: CHIME, A sound made by a bell or a clock.
  • Who cares what they do: LETEM, Slang for “let them.”
  • More than ready: EAGER, Very enthusiastic or excited.
  • Poor sap: SCHMO, Slang for a foolish or gullible person.
  • Uh yeah: TOTES, Slang for “totally.”
  • __ dog: SLED, A dog trained to pull a sled.
  • Part of LGBTQIA+ or 10-J-Q-K-A: ACE, Can refer to asexuality or a playing card rank.
  • Tucson or Santa Fe: SUV, Types of sport utility vehicles named after cities.

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