LA Times Crossword June 10 2024 Answers (Monday)

Thank you for visiting my page! I just finished solving the LA Times Crossword for June 10 2024 (Monday) and posted the answers along with a description for each clue as shown below. Please leave a comment and let me know what do you think. How long did it take you to finish today’s puzzle?

SPOILER ALERT! By continuing reading you will see today’s LA Times crossword clues along with their answers. In case you haven’t solved it yet please come back later


Constructed by: Noelle Griskey

  • Taj Mahal city: AGRA, The city in India where the Taj Mahal is located.
  • Hors d’oeuvres spread: PATE, A rich, smooth paste made from meat, fish, or vegetables.
  • Type of ski lift: TBAR, A ski lift where skiers are pulled uphill by a T-shaped bar.
  • Greet the day: ARISE, To get up from sleep or rise.
  • Clever thought: IDEA, A mental conception or notion.
  • Cogito __ sum: ERGO, Latin for “I think, therefore I am.”
  • Low-slung jeans: HIPHUGGERS, Jeans that sit low on the hips.
  • Semimonthly tide: NEAP, A tide just after the first or third quarters of the moon when there is the least difference between high and low water.
  • Hit the gas: SPEEDUP, To accelerate or go faster.
  • Term of endearment: PETNAME, A nickname used to address someone affectionately.
  • Mega Stuf cookie: OREO, A version of the popular sandwich cookie with extra filling.
  • Helped out: AIDED, Provided assistance or support.
  • 1993 film about the Olympic bobsled team from Jamaica: COOLRUNNINGS, A comedy film about the Jamaican bobsled team’s journey to the Winter Olympics.
  • Just Mercy actor __ Jackson Jr.: OSHEA, O’Shea Jackson Jr., an actor known for his role in “Just Mercy.”
  • __ leches cake: TRES, A traditional Latin American cake soaked in three kinds of milk.
  • Quiet Quiet!: SHH, A request for silence.
  • Landed on a perch: ALIT, To settle or come to rest.
  • The Road Not Taken poet Robert: FROST, A famous American poet known for his work “The Road Not Taken.”
  • Clever tactic: PLOY, A cunning plan or action designed to turn a situation to one’s own advantage.
  • Brits’ washroom: LOO, British slang for bathroom.
  • Get ready for short: PREP, To prepare or get ready.
  • Within the __ of possibility: REALM, Within the range or scope of what is possible.
  • Magazine with tips and techniques for anglers: FLYFISHERMAN, A magazine dedicated to fly fishing.
  • I feel the same: METOO, An expression of agreement or shared sentiment.
  • Some 30-Down employees: Abbr.: CPAS, Certified Public Accountants who work in accounting firms.
  • Like some sandals: OPENTOE, Sandals that leave the toes exposed.
  • Up for discussion: ATISSUE, Something that is being debated or discussed.
  • N on a French map: NORD, The French word for north.
  • New beginning and a feature of 17-, 26-, and 44-Across: FRESHSTART, A new beginning or opportunity.
  • Beige hue: ECRU, A light beige or off-white color.
  • Mattress specification: FIRM, Referring to the firmness level of a mattress.
  • Dramatic ballroom dance: TANGO, A passionate and dramatic dance originating from Argentina.
  • Quakers’ you: THEE, An archaic or formal version of “you,” used by Quakers.
  • Sail the seven __: SEAS, A phrase meaning to travel across all the major oceans.
  • Adolescent: TEEN, A person aged between 13 and 19 years.
  • Spa sounds: AAHS, Sounds of relaxation or pleasure.
  • Subject of a basic golf lesson: GRIP, The way a golfer holds the club.
  • Like a fragrant melon: RIPE, Fully developed and ready to be eaten or used.
  • Wimbledon winner Arthur: ASHE, Arthur Ashe, a famous tennis player.
  • Peanuts character in a cloud of dirt: PIGPEN, A character from the comic strip “Peanuts” known for being perpetually dirty.
  • Suffix with lemon and Gator: ADE, A suffix used to denote a drink made from lemon or a sports drink like Gatorade.
  • Maryland athlete for short: TERP, A nickname for athletes from the University of Maryland (Terrapins).
  • Reduce as anxiety: EASE, To make less severe or intense.
  • Sport for 4-Down: TENNIS, A sport played with a racket and ball.
  • Sourdough or rye: BREAD, Types of bread made from different ingredients.
  • Best competitive effort informally: AGAME, One’s best performance.
  • Cordoned (off): ROPED, To enclose or separate with a rope.
  • Pulitzer-winning novelist Welty: EUDORA, Eudora Welty, an American author known for her short stories and novels.
  • Hindu spiritual mentor: GURU, A teacher or guide in Hinduism.
  • Identifies on social media: TAGS, To label or mention someone in a social media post.
  • Pertinent to the discussion: ONTOPIC, Relevant to the subject being discussed.
  • Mined fuel: COAL, A fossil fuel used for energy production.
  • Norway home of the Munch Museum: OSLO, The capital city of Norway.
  • Cleveland’s state: OHIO, A state in the United States.
  • Allow: LET, To permit or allow.
  • Tax-collecting org.: IRS, Internal Revenue Service, the U.S. federal tax agency.
  • After expenses: NET, The amount remaining after all deductions.
  • Bang shut: SLAM, To close with force.
  • Hi amiga!: HOLA, A Spanish greeting meaning “hello.”
  • Church choir song: HYMN, A religious song sung in worship.
  • Cook in a wok: FRY, To cook food in hot oil.
  • NFL official: REF, Short for referee.
  • Part of mph: PER, Used in the abbreviation for miles per hour.
  • Parcel of land: PLOT, A piece of land.
  • Fight against: RESIST, To oppose or withstand.
  • Dish with melted cheese or chocolate: FONDUE, A Swiss dish of melted cheese or chocolate.
  • Muscle cramps e.g.: SPASMS, Sudden, involuntary muscle contractions.
  • Owns biblically: HATH, An archaic form of “has.”
  • Impressionist painter Claude: MONET, A founder of French Impressionist painting.
  • Noteworthy time period: EPOCH, A significant period in history.
  • Pied-à-__: secondary residence: TERRE, A secondary or temporary residence.
  • Trade-__: concessions: OFFS, A mutual exchange of benefits or trade-offs.
  • Cleveland’s lake: ERIE, One of the Great Lakes.
  • Sports page datum for short: STAT, Short for statistic.
  • Of sound mind: SANE, Mentally healthy.
  • Encourage: URGE, To strongly encourage or persuade.
  • School near Windsor Castle: ETON, A prestigious boys’ school in England.
  • Noteworthy time period: ERA, A distinct period of history.

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